InSight Advertising Media is an indoor advertising medium that utilizes tastefully designed, full-color ads. These adboards are placed strategically in the restrooms and common areas of high traffic locations such as RESTAURANTS, CLUBS, TOURIST SITES, FITNESS CENTERS and in elevators of HOTELS.

Although other forms of media may offer some of the benefits of InSight Advertising Media, none are able to deliver the "captive audience" concept with the same results. This "captive audience" means that your message receives maximum exposure with few distractions. Not only will potential customers read your message, they will remember it!

Because the adboards are strategically placed in precise spots that receive unavoidable attention, we guarantee that every ad gets read, and more importantly, will be remembered. There is no page to turn or channel to switch.

Each of our Lease Partners, or businesses where we place the frames, must meet a traffic count criteria that guarantees enough people will go to the restroom to see your ad. The restrooms must also meet a standard of cleanliness.

Research proves it...

98% of the people surveyed had a positive or neutral  reaction to the ads. 92.5% of that group could name  specific advertisers without prompting. 88.5% of those that  recalled seeing a specific ad recalled at least four selling  points in it. This shows that indoor ads are 40% stronger  than typical print ads.

Information collected from studies conducted by the following  institutions: Arizona State University, Rice University Study,  Barbour & Monroe Marketing Research Studies and Market  Intelligence Media Research

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